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Patient Financial Responsibilities


After the procedure is performed, you will receive 3-5 billings depending on your insurance:

  • Midwest Endoscopy Center – is for the facility services incurred
  • Suburban Gastroenterology – is for the professional physician charges
  • Mobile Anesthesia – is billed directly by them and can be contacted at (773) 355-5300 for billing concerns
  • Edward Hospital and Laboratory & Pathology Diagnostics LLC or Suburban Gastroenterology Pathology– are all options for the pathology charges depending on where your specimen(s) are sent

We receive a quote of benefits and/or precertification/predetermination prior to your procedure(s). We encourage every patient to also call their insurance to receive a quote of benefits/notification prior to their procedure(s), so that they can be made aware of their financial responsibility. In most cases, as a courtesy, we call patients prior to their appointment to inform them of their financial responsibility up front. If there is no call received, the patient is more than welcome to call the office themselves and we can discuss the insurance benefits quoted.

It is fully understood that the financial responsibility verbally communicated to the patient is only an ESTIMATE based on a baseline procedure. This may change after insurance benefits have been settled and/or if additional procedures are performed, such as an abnormal finding or polyps removed. After insurance has been settled, if there is a credit balance on either Suburban Gastroenterology or Midwest Endoscopy Center account, the company with the credit may transfer said funds to the other company. Any remaining credit balances will be refunded back to the patient.

How a screening procedure is coded (if applicable):

Patients who are having a screening colonoscopy are considered to have no signs or symptoms, no personal history of polyps and have a set benefit from their insurance company. Please Note: If the physician performing the procedure finds a polyp or abnormality, the patients benefits may change and the insurance company may pay differently (diagnostic benefits vs. screening benefits).

If you have any further questions or concerns, please call our billing department at (630) 527-6450 or contact member services at the number listed on your insurance card.

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